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    by Published on 26th May 2012 06:17  Number of Views: 5016 

    Do you find yourself using numerous if/else statements in JavaScript similar to this one?

    if (userid === 2) {
      myName = "John";
    else {
      myName = "Someone Else";
    The code (assuming the variables have been defined) simply assigns a different value to the myName variable depending on a condition: whether ...
    by Published on 19th June 2012 23:38  Number of Views: 298485 

    An application of the localStorage Object

    The HTML5 specification contains an object that provides a valuable alternative to cookies for gathering and storing visitors' personal information. The EU's recent directive regarding cookies makes this particularly …

    by Published on 31st May 2012 09:57     Number of Views: 4284 

    by Brad Neuberg 2 years ago ...
    by Published on 9th July 2012 10:52  Number of Views: 290198 

    Displaying an SVG image within an HTML5 document

    Scalable Vector Graphics, generally referred to as SVG images, are typically produced in drawing programs such as Inkscape. But because they're defined in XML files, and so can also be created and edited in a text editor, they have a number of advantages over …

    by Published on 11th July 2012 12:51  Number of Views: 289341 

    Using the Canvas API within HTML5

    A canvas API (Application Programming Interface) provides a means of drawing on a page via script. It is important to note that the canvas is bitmap-based and not vectored like the SVG format. Once a line, shape, or color is placed,…

    by Published on 2nd July 2012 08:31  Number of Views: 4664 

    I wrote the following script as an answer to this thread. The goal was to sort a bi-dimensional array.

    The ...

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